Spring has sprung

Spring seems to have sprung… finally! And we’ve had a lovely few days. I think this is my favourite time of the year. As I remarked to a friend this week, “it is not until spring arrives that I realise how truly miserable I have been all winter”.

We have enjoyed several excursions. On Saturday we revisited Oakington Garden Centre with Daddy. Yesterday we enjoyed a walk around Milton Country Park in the sunshine (for a change!) and today we have crossed the border into Suffolk to visit a friend in the little village of Exning.

I love the fact that now I can occupy the both of us for an entire morning or afternoon by pottering to the park or walking through the woods. In the dark depths of winter I have felt obliged to attend countless baby groups, attempting to keep myself entertained whilst cooped up in a dingy hall. And leaving the house has been a breeze: no coats or brollies required. This morning I was able to meet a friend at the park with just a few minutes notice. We popped some light clothes on and I strapped Little Piglet securely to my back in the Ergo.

However the light sunny evenings are playing havoc with Little Piglet’s bedtime routine. And the blackout blind that we purchased in anticipation of this event is too small. But at least he is allowing me to get a lie in every morning (although it means that leaving the house before midday is near impossible at present!).

Below: “Sometimes I fall asleep in the swing”