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Just to apologise for the lack of posts recently… We have recently moved house and still lack a reliable Internet connection. We will be back soon!


Sleep, imperfect sleep. Part 1

Little Piglet slept really well for the first 6 months. Whilst other new mums were complaining of wake up calls every 1-2 hours, we enjoyed nights that were broken only once, if that. We had simply been blessed with a baby that slept relatively well. But from 6 months, things went downhill. At the time of writing, Little Piglet is almost 10 months. Last night he woke three times before 2.30am (although the first I blame on my husband making far too much noise outside his bedroom door). For the rest of the night he slept with me (hubby refuses to sleep in the same room as LP) and still woke me several times for a quick snack.

Whilst some mummy friends have been stressing about creating and storing stashes of purees in their freezers for the little ones, I’ve been a staunch advocate of baby led weaning. Ethan would not touch a spoon until he turned 8.5 months so my research on blw (comprising Gill Rapley‘s bible) paid off. Little Piglet did not really show interest in any food until around 8 months so I continued to offer breastmilk on demand and LP continued to thrive. Now Little Piglet is very interested in food: if he sees it, he wants it! But he doesn’t really want to eat it. He puts it in his mouth, chews it, perhaps swallows a small amount then spits it out. Basically, I gave birth to a little milk monster. Too busy to feed from me during the day, he makes up for it at night. However, I have noticed that if I offer mushy food on a spoon during the day, he does eat more, and he sleeps better! Favourites are porridge and yoghurt.

Strictly speaking, spoon feeding does not constitute baby led weaning. And I am not in a rush to wean my little piglet from the breast. I realise that co-sleeping for the whole night would ease the situation, but I now value some time sleeping alone or with my husband. And being woken once or even twice a night would be ok, but three times or more is a struggle. So I have been experimenting with the amounts of solids I offer on a spoon during the day, and generally speaking, on days when LP has consumed more solids (either from a spoon or as finger food), he sleeps better. I have stuck by my “no purees” principle and I offer Little Piglet the same food as us, but if appropriate I mash some to put on a spoon. But there are still days when LP will choose milk over and above any solid food I offer to him. Perhaps yesterday was simply one of those days. I offered him chips, peas and baked beans (favourites) for dinner and porridge before bed, but my milk loving piglet preferred the comfort and yumminess of mummy’s milk last night.

Below: Sleeping beauty