Mums who munch

Today Little Piglet and I met Aunty Suzy for lunch at a lovely independent cafe situated on Trinity Street in central Cambridge. Michaelhouse Cafe is a perfect place for mums and little babies to lunch.

Michaelhouse café is set within the 14th century church of St Michael’s, a Parish and Collegiate Church in the heart of Cambridge. Their menu is sourced from local producers and today we enjoyed sweet potato, chilli and coconut soup.

Little Piglet enjoyed the soup too. And whilst Aunty Suzy and I dug into a chocolate brownie for dessert, Little Piglet was distracted (and content) with a handful of juicy sultanas. Like most little ones, he has a sweet tooth and I have discovered this week that sultanas are a big hit. They are big enough to pick up with his finger and thumb (thereby practising his pincer grip) but small enough to swallow whole (after chewing I hope!) so minimal effort is required (Little Piglet is not very patient, so this is important!).

Below: Tucking into some scrummy sultanas